Did Someone Light a Fire Inside?

In the three weeks since the builders moved in to start this renovation project I'm astounded at how much demolition progress has taken place. It's left me wondering why its going to take all of six months to put her back together - note to self .... don't joke about this in front of the builder !



The existing kitchen has been removed.


One of the main objectives of this renovation was to open up the living areas at the rear of the house that were completely out of proportion to the front rooms. The existing Kitchen, Family Room and Master Bedroom have all gone to make way for a much larger open plan living space. The Master Bedroom will be relocated upstairs when the second storey is added.

By removing a small wall at the rear of the master wardrobe, that will now lead to the open plan living space the morning sunrise radiates up the hallway and adds warmth and light to a space that was once dark and cold. 

The pool has been filled to make room for the extension and the piles have been laid.


Next week she's covered in scaffolding and wrapped in plastic to allow for the whole back wall to be removed.

Lets just hope the rain holds off !


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