Over Half Way There

With any new build or renovation there is always a frustrating period where no apparent progress seems to be taking place, obviously this is perception only as so much preparation needs to first take place before all the really exciting developments can take place. This week we feel that we may have finally crossed that threshold of feeling that we may never meet our deadline to seeing an end in sight. All the time spent making decisions over the last year regarding fittings, tiles, roofing, colours and general design are beginning to feature in the day to day developments. 

We are about to enter week 16 into this reno and last week there was a tangible feeling of progress on site. The site was occupied with painters, plumbers, electricians and roofers. Exciting developments this week have seen a few new windows being placed, in-wall plumbing being installed, new roofing being laid and the best part by far for me the new fittings arriving.

We need to replace a gas fire in the family room as the old one would be to small to heat the space. The internet is a wonderful time saver and after a morning of online searching I found a supplier who had a couple of surrounds sitting in the dark forgotten corners of his warehouse. He said that they no longer import cast iron surrounds as there is not a great deal of demand for them so I didn't hold out much hope of him having what I needed. I went to visit him and he kindly lifted this one out for me to view - PERFECT ! Just what I'd hoped to find - off to Devonport you come, can't wait to see it installed.


This fireplace needs to be replaced as it will no longer be adequate to heat the new space.


This new cast iron surround will replace the one that we are removing.


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