Reversing Gravity and a Surprise in the Roof Space

We knew there were obvious places within the house that would need lifting before we started this renovation. There were a number of windows that wouldn't open properly and one corner of the Living Room was visibly drifting South! Over the last two weeks she's been gently propped up with new piles and set in concrete 1 metre deep so she's not going anywhere soon.

See below for further images.


The process of re-piling is not for the faint hearted, it's wet, dark, dingy and very muddy.

On site last week we noticed a charred piece of wood on a pile of discarded timber. Craig our builder confirmed that when they removed the roofing iron they uncovered an area in the roof space where trusses had been damaged in a fire. This had occured when the morter from the chimney bricks had decayed, enabling flames to enter the roof cavity.  We would never had known this had the roof not been removed.



Another exciting development over the last two weeks was the beginning stages of our second floor. The iron was removed from the roof, joists were placed, the floor was laid and the walls are up.  




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