The Calm Before the Storm

Last week was a real test for the house without part of its roof and scaffolding and wrapping still incomplete. We were on track to have it completely wrapped before the forcasted storm but a damaged piece of scaffolding held up the process and unfortunately we didn't quite get it up in time. It was a nervous wait overnight while the storm hit and we weren't sure what we were going to be faced with the following morning. As predicted some of the roofing iron had peeled back exposing the interior ceilings and floorboards, the walls were sodden but thankfully none of the decorative ceilings were damaged. A few days of sun towards the end of the week helped to dry things out and with the debris of the storm removed we were back on track. The scaffoldings up and she's completely wrapped now so Winter can set upon us with avengance - we are ready for any bad weather that comes our way - Murphys Law we probably won't get another rainy day! Despite that there is real comfort in knowing that the interior is totally protected, especially with the roof entirely coming off this week and the second storey floor being put down. Next week the repiling begins and the uneven flooring will be straightened, it will be interesting to see what moves in the process.

For the full gallery of pictures see below.



We've opened up the lounge doorway to allow for extra natural light to flood the hallway and to balance the space better with the windows opposite, we'll put a large cavity sliding door here to allow for a generous doorway opening. 



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