Unstitching a Grand Old Lady and putting her back together ...... slowly

IMG_2228.JPGEight months ago our Family decided that life in the Country, whilst beautiful, peaceful and idyllic had become less appealing with our busy full lives. Too much time in the car and not enough time really enjoying the space and surroundings.

Our solution to this was to buy a 111 year old Villa in Devonport that we felt needed renovating to update it to a home in keeping with 21st Century living. You may well ask why would anyone who is looking to simplify their lives possibly want to take on a project that is going to consume the next year of our lives. If we are honest this home captivated us from the first viewing, the Flame tree in the back yard with its bright orange flowers that attract the Tui's in numbers and the uninterupted view of Rangitoto were just a few of the reasons we just felt we needed to do this. We've tackled a few design, build and landscape projects over the years but couldn't add a Villa renovation to that list.

So after packing up two storage containers and sending them away until required we shift all that we think we will need for the next year and make what is to be the first of few house moves this year.

Here is where our journey begins, finally after six long months of planning and permission granting we have started and there is no going back !!


Karen x 



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